Seven Stock #5


Drag Car Running in the Courtyard

5.2meg, 15 seconds
8:00 Saturday Morning in the Courtyard

3.8megs, 45 seconds
Our Display

7.5 megs, 1.4 minutes
Daytona RX7 Running

4.4 megs,
Another of our Drag Car Running

6.3 megs, 1.2 minutes
R100 Running
(watch the guy in the foreground)

4.7 megs, 50 seconds
Walking around the Countyard before opening

11.7 megs, 2.1 minutes
Moving cars in Saturday morning

7.8 megs, 1.5 minutes
(Wide body 1st gen Turbo we have worked on)
RX7's, RX7's, and more RX7's

10.6 megs, 2 minutes
So many more cars

8.4 megs, 1.75 minutes
Old School: 2's, 3's, 4's, Cosmo's, REPU's

4.4 megs, 50 seconds
Ray's car + our display

3.2 megs, 30 seconds