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Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors

Brake pads fade when the temperature of the material allows gases to "boil" out and create a layer separating the pad from the brake rotor. The holes and slots in these rotors allow the layer to escape thereby keeping the pad in contact with the rotor. The rotor will also run cooler, which helps keep the pads cooler while also reducing the risk of fluid boiling. Note: Pads WILL still fade, and fluid WILL boil if the brakes are used beyond their SAFE capacity. Additionally, drilled rotors tend to crack around the holes due to heat expansion and contraction. Therefore there is no warranty on these parts, and the customer assumes all responsibility for their safe use. All prices are per rotor. Separately drilled or slotted rotors available on request, please call for details.

Drilled Brake Rotor
Year Application Front/Rear Part Number
79-83 12A Front 3171
84-85 12A Front 3188
81-85 12A Rear 31023
84-85 13B GSLSE Front 3190
84-85 13B GSLSE Rear 31086
86-92 5-Bolt Front 3194
86-88 4-Bolt Front 3192
86-92 5-Bolt (Vented) Rear 3260
86-88 4-Bolt (non-vented) Rear 31221
89-92 5-Bolt (non-vented) Rear 31090
93-95 Twin Turbo Front 31203
93-95 Twin Turbo Rear 31190


Stainless Steel Brake Lines

A portion of the "spongy" feel of brake pedals can be attributed to expansion of the rubber flex brake lines. As brake system pressure increases, the lines expand, letting the pedal travel more. These stainless line kits prevent expansion, thereby giving a much firmer feeling pedal. They also do not deteriorate with age. There are two kinds of stainless brake lines; DOT approved lines, which can be used on street cars, and non-DOT approved lines, which are for racing purposes only.

Image Years Application Part Number
79-80 Only when converted to 81-85 disc brake rear end
DOT Approved
79-80 Drum Rear Brakes
DOT Approved
81-83 GSL with disc brake rear end
DOT Approved
84-85 Models with disc brake rear ends (12A or 13B)
DOT Approved
84-85 Disc Rear Brakes
84-85 Drum Rear Brakes
DOT Approved
86-92 All models with single piston front calipers
DOT Approved
Image Soon 86-92 All w/single piston front caliper
86-92 All models with 4-piston front calipers
DOT Approved
86-92 All w/ 4-piston front caliper
93-95 All
DOT Approved
Image Soon 93-95 All*
* NOTE: These 93-95 lines have an American sized hex where the lines go through the tab on the side of the shock body. They require grinding/filing down to fit the hex of the tab.


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