79-85 Racing Suspension

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79-85 Rear Suspension Links
We have found that the rear suspension on these cars needs to have soft rubber bushings in order to move properly. Replacing the bushings in these links with urethane or heim joints is not functional. In addition, as the rubber in these stock links ages, it becomes harder. If you are trying to make the car handle consistently, we recommend replacing all four links with new Mazda links.
The other problem area, especially on race cars, is the watts link pivot bracket. The studs welded into the bracket have a tendency to break off. We have developed a bracket that puts the studs in double shear and greatly reduces this type of failure.
Lower Link Lower Link (each) 28-300A-8871
Upper Link Upper Link (each) 28-2000-8871
Left Link Left (long) Watts Link 28-1700-8871
Right Link Right (short) Watts Link 28-1600-8871
Watts Link Pivot Bracket 28-1800-8871
Watts Link Installed Watts Link Bracket Reinforcement MZ-1-WATT


Front Lower Control Arms

Adjustable Control Arms 14006
Race Bearings to replace inner Bushings No Longer Available


Polyurethane Bushings
Polyurethane bushings are an improvemant up from original equipment rubber bushings due to their firmness. They do not require nearly as much compression, compared to stock bushings, before they let the actual suspension begin to function.
Image Description Part Number Notes
Sway Bar Bushings Sway Bar Bushings (front) H-115101 (1 kit is both bushings)
End Link Bushings Sway Bar End Link Bushings (front) H-98106 (1 kit is 8 bushings)
Rear Sway Bar Endlink Bushings Sway Bar End Link Bushings (rear) H-98123 (1 kit is 8 bushings plus bolts)
Control Arm Bushings Lower Control Arm Bushings (inner) H-113101 (1 kit needed per car)
Tension Rod Bushing Set Tension Rod Bushings H-117101 (set of 4)
Watts Link Bushings Watts Link Bushings H-117102 (1 kit needed per car)


79-85 Heavy Duty Competition Idler Arm
Eliminates the need to replace idler arm bushings. Unaffected by header heat. Ideal for racing or heavy duty street use. MOOK9369


WHEEL STUDS for 79-85 (12A)
Wheel Stud These "screw-in" studs are 2 1/4" long, with approximately 1 3/4" available for wheel bolting, with the correct 12x1.50 thread. They are needed when using various after-market wheels, or replacing the stock lug nuts that have integral studs. We do not supply nuts to fit them, as there are far too many styles needed to fit all the different wheels.
Sold by "Each"
RX7 Lug Nuts Generic open ended lug nut. Fits all RX7 wheel studs. Has 19mm head for tight clearance wheels. 04-7600-0000


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