86-92 Turbo Exhaust

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Complete Exhaust For 86-92 Turbo II
Turbo Exhaust
Part Number 16425
This complete exhaust system is 3" out of the turbo, 3" Pre-silencer, then splits into two 2.375-inch pipes into the two mufflers. The system is constructed of 100% stainless steel, with stainless packing in pre-silencer. Mufflers and tips are polished stainless.
HP increase is approximately 32% (a 59HP increase) on a 1987 Turbo II. Boost increase is 4-6 psi. Fuel cut controller is required to prevent fuel shut-off to rear rotor due to the increase in boost pressure seen by the factory computer.


Fuel Cut Controller
The Fuel Cut Controller allows the Turbo II to run at higher-than-stock turbo boost pressures without experiencing pre-programmed rear rotor fuel cutoff. The Fuel Cut controller essentially deceives the ECU (computer) into thinking the boost is not as high as it actually is. Consequently, the stock boost gauge no longer displays accurate boost pressure. Boost gauges can be found here.
No Longer Available for 86-88 Turbo
No Longer Available for 89-92 Turbo



Pre-Silencers and Pipes
Front Pipe

3" Front Pipe for 16425 system is #16425D

Note: This piece will bolt in to the 16425 system - it will not bolt up to the stock system or converter. It is ideal if you are building a custom system.

Pre Silencer

3" I.D. Pre-Silencer for 16425 system is #16425P

Note: This piece will only fit the 16425 system - itwill not bolt up to any other "Y" pipe and mufller set-up.

Front Pipe And Presilencer

2 1/2" Front Pipe and Presilencer

(86-92) replaces the stock downpipe and catalytic converter. Approximate 14% (26 HP) increase on '87 Turbo. Boost increase is 1-2 psi. Fuel Cut Controller is recommended.
Part Number 16207

Pre-Silencer 2 1/2" Pre-Silencer only is Part Number 16406
Note: Any of our "Cat-Back" Muffler and "Y" Pipes can be bolted to the 16207 pre-silencer and pipe. These are shown in our 86-92 Rear Exhaust Section


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