Headers, Pre-Silencers, Mufflers

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Headers (Single Outlet) Mild steel, .120" wall thickness
NOTE: For 74-85 it is normally the CHASSIS first, then the engine, that determines the correct header. If you are not sure, please ask us when ordering.
Years Application Part Number Image
74-78 12A Engine 16006
13B Engine (except Rotary Pickup) 16007
74-77 Rotary Pickup No Longer Available
79-80 RX7 (12A engine) 16008
81-83 12A engine 16010
81-85 RX7 (w/13B) 16013
84-85 12A w/manual trans 16012
12A w/automatic trans 16014
84-85 13B GSLSE 6-port 16013
86-92 RX7 (13B 6 port) 16130
Note For All Above: 81-92 Headers will NOT bolt up to factory catalytic converters. They are made to bolt to the pre-silencers below.


"Road-Race Type Headers" (dual outlet)
Mild steel, .120" wall thickness
Years Application Part Number Image
74-78 All 12A 16002
All 13B 16003
79-85 RX7 12A 16125
**RX7 w/13B 4-port 16127
84-92 **13B 6-Port 16127
84-85 13B with 6-Port Actuation and O2 sensor fitting 16127-6PMOD 13B Header with 6 Port Actuation
86-88 13B with 6-Port Actuation and O2 sensor fitting 16128
89-92 13B with 6-Port Actuation and O2 sensor fitting 16129
**Note: Theses headers have NO 6-Port actuation, and no O2 Sensor fitting


Disassembled Header Kits
These kits are available if you have a custom installation. Tubing is mandrel bent, 2"o.d., .125" wall. Kit is designed similar to "road race" style, twin pipe header.
12A Engines 16211 Disassembled Header Kit
13B Engines 16212


Pre-Silencers & Mufflers
Note: All of these are designed to bolt to the single outlet headers at the top of this page for matching year/models - and then the original exhaust pipe will bolt the the rear of the pre-silencer.
Years Application Part Number Image
79-80 RX7 (12A or 13B) 16404
81-83 12A or 13B 16400
84-85 12A w/manual trans 16401
12A w/automatic 16403
84-85 13B 6-port GSLSE 16402
86-92 86-88 Non-turbo w/manual trans 16405
86-88 Non-turbo w/automatic 16407
89-92 Non-turbo w/manual trans 16408
89-92 Non-turbo w/automatic 16409
88-92 Turbo 16406
This oval-shaped presilencer is manufactured using 304 stainless steel inside and out.
Dimensions: 7.25" Wide x 4.875" High x 15.75" Long.
2.5" ID
Universal Pre-Silencer
3" ID
Manufactured using 304 stainless steel inside and out, this muffler unit offers sound reducing performance.
Dimensions: 8.5" Wide x 6" High x 18.5" Long.
2.5" id
Universal Muffler
3" id
Universal Rotor Shaped
*The overall length of the canister is 13" L and 7.25" Wide/High.
2.5" id16031
3" id
Universal "1st Gen"
Power Pulse PR-Extreme Muffler. This muffler is similar in design to the 16433 Racing Beat muffler with a 2.75" od inlet and straight thru perforated tube. It can be used universally on anything, but will fit the hangers and bumper of a 79-85 RX7. It uses two chrome straight cut tips permanently welded to the muffler canister. The canister is 8" round and 18" long.
These mufflers are universal. For mufflers made to fit specific applications, please visit our exhaust section.


Pre-Silencer and Pipe Combinations
Bolts in from the stock exhaust manifold to the "Y-Pipe"
Replaces all Catalytic Converters - NOT Smog Legal
Years Application Part Number Image
86-92 RX7 Turbo Coup 16207
86-88 Non-turbo, Manual Trans Coup 16206
86-88 Non-turbo Automatic Coup 16208
88 Non-Turbo Manual Convertible 16209
89-92 Non-Turbo Manual Convertible 16217
89-92 Non-Turbo Automatic Convertible 16218
89-92 Non-Turbo Manual Coup 16213
89-92 Non-Turbo Automatic Coup 16214


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