PERIPHERAL PORT 13B Engine, Rotor Housings, Double -Disc Clutch & Flywheel

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This specific PERIPHERAL PORT 13B is a typical full race engine that we frequently are requested to build. We can tailor the combination for your specific needs. The output is approximately 310-315 HP.

Price will vary a LOT depending on what is requested. Price for what is listed here in $12,000+

Peripheral 13B

9lb Rotors
Balanced Engine Assembly
Peripheral Port Rotor Housings
Side Cut Rotors
Race Aluminum Pulley (eccentric only)
Hardened Stationary Gears
Front & Rear Counter Weights
3-Window Rear Bearing
Oil Pan & Baffle
Deep Grooved Rotor Bearings
New Eccentric Shaft
New Ribbed Tension Bolts
Large Oil pump w/Hardened Gears
Competition Pressure Valve
Test Run & Broken In

Add On:
Intake of your choice
Flywheel & Clutch
Water Pump & Housing
Alternator & Belts
Ignition System

Racing Beat Peripheral Housings
Peripheral Port Housings Application Part Number
13B N/T 74-85 (each) 11019
13B Turbo 74-85 (each) 11023
13B N/T 86-95 (each) 11021
13B Turbo 86-95 (each) 11024


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