DOT Approved Stainless Brake Lines

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A portion of the "spongy" feel of brake pedals can be attributed to expansion of the rubber flex brake lines. As brake system pressure increases, the lines expand, letting the pedal travel more. These stainless line kits prevent expansion, thereby giving a much firmer feeling pedal. They also do not deteriorate with age

NOTE !!: These should be installed by an experienced (and intelligent) mechanic, which may be hard to find. The brake system must be completely bled to remove all air. However, a very critical step is the positioning of the lines to prevent "kinking", and any stress on the fittings. The lines are stiff, and are very capable of breaking a fitting if installed wrong. They also can easily wear into a tire if positioned such that they contact one. BE CAREFUL!

Image Years Application Part Number
93-95 All 14528-DOT
86-92 All models with 4-piston front calipers 14526-DOT
86-92 All models with single piston front calipers 14525-DOT
84-85 Models with disc brake rear ends (12A or 13B) 14523-DOT
81-85 Models with drum brake rear ends 14524-DOT
81-83 GSL's with disc brake rear ends 14521-DOT
79-80 ONLY when converted to 81-85 disc brake rear end 14527-DOT
79-80 All 79-80 as originally equipped with drum brake rear. 14520-DOT
Note: Color of rubber protectors on ends can change with each order we receive -- meaning somtimes they all come in red, sometimes in blue, sometimes in black, etc.

For non-DOT approved sets, and models that are not shown here, see our Racing Section Stainless Steel Brake Lines

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