79 - 85 Front Suspension and Steering Parts

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Front Wheel Bearings and Seals

Wheel Bearings Model/Year Inner Bearing Outer Bearing Seal
79-83 All 33-0470-8545 33-0750-B002 33-0650-1312
84-85 12A 33-0470-8545 33-0750-1391-MV 33-0650-1312
84-85 GSLSE 33-0470-8545 33-0750-1391-MV 33-0650-1312
Dust Cover 79-83 Discontinued
Dust Cover 84-85 Discontinued

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Brake Rotors - Front
We offer both the original equipment Mazda rotors, and less expensive aftermarket rotors.
Years Application / Notes OEM Part Number Aftermarket Part Number
79-83 Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-8871-BR
84-85 12A Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-FA54-BR
84-85 13B GSLSE Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-FA66-BR
86-88 4 bolt Rotor Only No Longer Available 33-2510-FB01-BR
86-92 5 bolt Rotor Only 33-251A-FB05 33-2510-FB05-BR
93-95 Rotor 33-25XA-FD01 33-25X0-F100-BR

Wheel Studs
84-85 GSLSE (OEM)
1.5" Press-in stud.
Fits 84-85 GSLSE and 86-95
2.5" Press-in stud.
Fits 84-85 GSLSE and 86-95
3.25" Press-in stud.
Fits 79-85 12A Only
2.25" Screw in stud.

Lug Nuts
RX-8 Lug Nuts 84-85 13b, 86-92, 93-95 & RX8 37-160B-B002
86-92 with hub cap that covers lugs 26-161A-0603
81-85 12A 81-85 12A 33-1650-1029
RX7 Lug Nuts Generic open ended lug nut. Fits all RX7 wheel studs. Has 19mm head for tight clearance wheels. 04-7600-0000

Lower Control Arms
These come with new inner bushing and new lower ball joint. The ball joint and inner bushing wear out at about the same time, and the ball joint is only available in a new arm.
Years Side Part Number
79 - 85 Left 49-3200-8871
Right 49-3100-8871
79-85 Control Arm Inner Bushing 34-460B-8173
Ball Joint Boot 34-5650-8531

Image Soon 79-85 OEM Idler Arm No Longer Available
79-85 Idler Arm Bushings
These need replacing periodically. They are quite easy to install, and are inexpensive. Two required per car.
79-85 Heavy Duty Competition Idler Arm
Eliminates the need to replace idler arm bushings. Unaffected by header heat. Ideal for racing or heavy duty street use.
79-85 Pitman Arm No Longer Available
79-80 Top Column Steering Bushing 49-1010-8871

Tie Rod Ends
79-85 Inner 32-240A-8531
79-85 Outer 32-2800-8021
Tie Rod Adjusters are frequently rusted and/or bent, and it's easier to replace them when changing tie-rod ends than to attempt re-using. Fits all 79-85.
Tie Rod Adjuster (threaded piece) 32-3650-2113
Inside Adjuster Nut 21-4000-9992
Outside Adjuster Nut 41-4000-9994

81-85 Steering Boxes
Generic Steering Box Year/Notes Part Number
81-81 1/2
(Vin # up to 525351)
No Longer Available
81 1/2 - 83
( '81 Vin # after 525351)
No Longer Available
84-85 Manual No Longer Available
84-85 Power No Longer Available

84-85 Power Steering Pump Seal Set 32-6100-HB40

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