Haltech has teamed up with a number of external data aquisition companies to provide racers with complete engine management, data acquisition and display solutions. In conjunction with global data acquisition giant Racepak, Haltech has released the co-branded Haltech IQ3 Display and logging dashes. These powerful, professional high-tech systems allow the user to sample and display both raw and calculated engine data that the Haltech ECU has on board via a simple 2 wire CAN connection. The Haltech IQ3 dash is designed to be a complete display center with low-glare LCD display and multiple user programmable warning lights to make viewing essential engine information a breeze in all light conditions.

Haltech IQ3 Display Dash

Haltech IQ3 display dash replaces all your gauges with one single digital display panel which is fully user configurable in its display properties and warning lamp illumination

Haltech IQ3 Logging Dash

The Haltech IQ3 data logger dash also places the 32 channel data logger, 512MB memory card, GPS and 3 axis G meter inside the dash module, All data is stored in a 512MB MicroSD memory card, located in the front of the dash between the programmable shift lights to ensure easy access to the memory card for data download.
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IQ3 Aluminum Dash Mounting Bracket