79-85 Anti-Sway Bars and Springs

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Stock Sway Bar Bushing
Front, each (Bar to frame) 34-156A-8871 Image Soon


Anti-Sway Bars
Larger diameter Anti-Sway Bars reduce body roll in turns, giving a much firmer feeling car and better cornering ability. The two brands we offer are supplied by Racing Beat (RB) and Suspension Techniques (ST). They sometimes differ in their design, so we chose to carry both and thereby give our customers a wider choice. All bars are supplied with Polyurethane Bushings.
Suspension Techniques
Description Part Number Image
(ST) Front & Rear Bar Set (rear adj.) H-ST52170 (ST) Front & Rear Bar
(ST) Front Bar - 1 and 1/8" H-ST50160 (ST) Front Bar
(ST) Rear Bar - 5/8" (3 position adj.) H-ST51150 (ST) Rear Bar


Racing Beat
Front Bar - 1 and 1/8" H-14100 Front Bar - 1 and 1/8"
Rear Bar - 3/4" (slide adj.) H-14102 Rear Bar - 3/4"


Springs Racing Beat high performance coil springs are suitable for most street and/or stock chassis racing classes. They replace the stock units with no modifications.
Manufacturer Description Set/Each Notes Part Number
Racing Beat Front & Rear Set Lowers approx. 1" 14080
Stock OEM Mazda Front 79-85 Left Stock 34-0110-FA67
79-85 Right Stock 34-0110-FA66
Rear 79-80 Each (two Required) Stock 28-011B-8871
81-85 Each (two required) Stock 28-0110-FA24


Rear Coil Spring Isolator
This is the rubber pad at the top of the spring
79-85 All Rear
(Sold Each)



In order to help answer many of our customers questions, and to satisfy our own curiosity, we compiled the following chart of spring rates. The numbers are from our own spring tester and should be used to show relative differences - not necessarily for the absolute rate number. The dual numbers are for progressive rate springs. This design type uses a lower rate for normal ride, then progresses to the stiffer rate when compressed while cornering.
Manufacturer Rate
Stock 100
Racing Beat 145
Suspension Techniques 85/120
Eibach 171
Manufacturer Rate
Stock 85
Racing Beat 110
Suspension Techniques 80
Eibach 100


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