79-85 Shocks, Struts, Strut Tops

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KYB Gas shocks/strut inserts
We also offer KYB Gas shocks/strut inserts as economical replacements for original equipment. Ride quality is returned to like new. The "GR-2" rear is a lower pressure gas shock. The "Gas-A-Just" is a higher pressure shock and will normally raise the rear of the car approximately 1/2"
All are each, two required per car
79-80 Front H-363003
81-85 Front (12A) H-363010
79-85 Rear "GR-2" H-343140
79-85 Rear "Gas-A-Just" No Longer Available


79-85 Original Equipment
Original Equipment front strut inserts, and rear shocks are excellent units. If the increased stiffness of aftermarket shocks are not what you prefer, these are what we recommend.
All are each, two required per car
Image Application Part Number
79-80 Front No Longer Available
81-85 Front 12A 49-7900-FA24
84-85 Front GSLSE 49-7900-FA68
79-85 Rear 79-85 Rear (All) 28-7000-FA24


Strut Top
Strut Top 79-80 No Longer Available
81-85 34-390A-FA01


Strut Boots
81-85 34-0150-FA01


Strut top shims for 79-85
Part Number (each) 34-0130-1011
These factory shims are 5mm thick and are used to adjust the front ride height left to right. They are installed between the strut top and the strut tower to raise that corner of the car. We have found these useful after a minor fender bender. We have also found a few cars that had nothing wrong, they just didn't sit level. Maximum number per side is three.


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