Driveshafts and U-joints

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Note: The factory Mazda OEM driveshafts from '83-on have non-replaceable U-joints -- you have to buy a new driveshaft if they wear out.

The aftermarket driveshafts we offer are completely new, balanced and ready to install. They incorporate traditional replaceable u-joints so you can rebuild them if you ever wear them out. For whatever reason, people call us daily asking if this driveshaft is complete.

All of our driveshafts are assembled and complete with front yoke, rear flange and u-joints.

Years Model(s) Fit OEM Part # Aftermarket Part #
79-82 All No longer available 2691-700
83-85 83 All + 84-85 5-spd 25-1000-M026 2691-701
84-85 Automatic trans. (All) No longer available 2691-702
86-92 Turbo No longer available 2691-705
86-88 N/T car with manual transmission 25-100C-M060 2691-704
86-92 Non-turbo car with automatic transmission 25-100C-M051 2691-703
89-92 Non-turbo manual transmission 25-1000-M092 2691-704
93-95 Twin Turbo manual transmission 25-1000-PF03 2691-706
93-95 Twin Turbo automatic transmission No Longer Available Not Available Yet
86-92 Non-Turbo CAR with Turbo Transmission Swapped in, still using the non-turbo differential
(engine does not matter)
N/A 2691-799
86-92 Non-turbo CAR (still using the non-turbo transmssion) with a Turbo Differential swapped in
(engine does not matter)
N/A 2691-799R

Aluminum Driveshafts
We have been testing the turbo aluminum driveshaft in a 450hp drift car for years with excellent results.
We are very confident in the strength of this shaft!
86-92 Turbo II
10.8 lbs
86-92 Non-Turbo, Manual Transmission only
(This means Non-turbo Transmission in an 86-92 RX7 with a Non-turbo differential)

10.65 lbs
86-92 Non-Turbo with Turbo Transmission
04-08 RX-8 3191-708A


Driveshaft Nuts and Bolts
79-82 Bolt No Longer Available 79-80 (Bolt)
79-82 Lock Washer 10-8000-9997
83-85 Bolt No Longer Available 81-85 (Bolt)
83-85 Nut 25-1250-1456 81-85 (Nut)
83-85 Lock Washer 10-8000-9997
86-95 Bolt 25-1230-P012 86-95 (Bolt)
86-95 Nut 25-1240-1368 86-92 (Nut)
86-95 Lock Washer 11-0000-9997


79-82 for OEM driveshaft 25-0600-8BB1 79-82 OEM DRIVESHAFT
79-92 All our aftermarket STEEL driveshafts
Please Note: These will NOT work in ANY factory Mazda Driveshaft!!
86-92 All our aftermarket ALUMINUM driveshafts
Please Note: These will NOT work in ANY factory Mazda Driveshaft!!


Flanges and Yokes
These are replacement parts for our aftermarket shafts, NOT for OEM shafts
Rear Flange 83-85 2602-35 Image Soon
Rear Flange 86-92 Non-Turbo 2602-37 Image Soon
Rear Flange 86-92 Turbo 2602-41 Image Soon
Front Yoke 79-82 1503-22 Image Soon
Front Yoke 83-92 Non-Turbo 2603-22 Image Soon
Front Yoke 86-92 Turbo & Auto
93-95 Manual
2603-25 Image Soon


Transmission Tailshaft Bushing
(Note- Turbo and automatic use a different bushing which is not available)
79-92 Non-Turbo Manual (only)
Mazda discontinued this bushing, we have located these aftermarket ones.


Rear Transmission Seals
All thru 85 17-335A-0437 all thru 85
86-92 non-turbo Manual 17-335A-M507 86-92 non-turbo manual
86 to 1/20 '89 non-turbo Automatic 17-335A-M502 86 - 1/20 '89 non-turbo automatic
1/20 '89 to '92 non-turbo Automatic Rear Seal 17-335A-R501 1/20 '89-'92 Non-turbo automatic
86-92 Turbo 17-335A-M502 86-92 Turbo
93-95 Manual trans Rear Seal 17-335A-R501 93-95 Manual Trans Rear Seal


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