86-95 Ring & Pinions, Bearings, and Seals

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86-95 Differentials

For 86 through 92, the RX-7 uses a very long pinion gear, with independent rear suspension. The front flange is not interchangeable between turbo and non-turbo differentials. However, the diameter of the driveshaft register is the same, so there is some possible swapping if the driveshaft or flange is re-drilled. The turbo driveshaft has a larger flange and bolt pattern, as well as a larger diameter yoke at the front, where it goes into the transmission. The 86-88 automatic driveshaft has this larger front yoke also, yet has the smaller rear flange for non-turbo diffs. The half-shaft bolt pattern (and CV joint) is larger on the turbo, but the length, and outer spline at the hub, are all the same. Rear axle ratio choices are limited.

The 93-95 pinion gears are shorter than the 86-92 gears.

86-92 Ring and Pinion Sets
86-92 Ring And Pinion 86-92
3.91 Non-turbo
No Longer Available
4.30 Non-turbo
No Longer Available
4.30 Turbo


86-92 Ring And Pinion 4.778 & 4.857 Ring and Pinion Sets now available for 86-92 Non-Turbo FC's!!

These are made from the 79-85 RX7 ring and pinion sets, using your used pinion gear (you must send it in before we can start - we have no cores).

Special order -- takes about four weeks.

No special parts needed for setup.






93-95 Ring and Pinion Sets
86-92 Ring And Pinion 3.909 27-110A-P062
4.10 No Longer Avalilble
4.30 27-110A-P0A5
4.44 27-110A-PA28
4.77 27-110A-RS08
5.12 No Longer Avalilble


Ring and Pinion Set-Up Pieces
Image Description 86-92 Non Turbo 86-92 Turbo 93-95
Pinion Nut Washer 27-0120-0223 N/A N/A
Lock nut 27-0300-0223 27-0300-0223 27-0300-0223
Pinion Seal Pinion seal 27-1650-M055 27-1650-P090 27-1650-R001
Front Pinion Bearing Front pinion bearing
2 Required
2 Required
Spacer tube No Longer Available No Longer Available N/A
Middle Pinion Bearing Middle pinion bearing 27-2100-0755 27-2200-0604 N/A
Collapsing sleeve/collar 27-1710-M035 27-1710-0305 27-171A-R004
Rear Pinion Bearing Rear pinion bearing 27-2100-M025 27-2100-M025 27-2100-R001
Side Axle Seal Side axle seal 27-238C-F003 27-2380-P016 27-238A-P043
Side Carrier Bearing Side carrier bearing 27-3500-0221 27-350A-0118 27-350A-0118


79-92 Pinion Depth Spacers
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.47 mm 27-415A-0223
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.29 mm 27-408A-0223
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.23 mm 27-406A-0223
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.08 mm 27-401A-0223


93-95 Pinion Depth Spacers
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.47 mm 27-4010-R001
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.35 mm 27-4120-R001
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.23 mm 27-4070-R001
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.11 mm 27-4030-R001
Pinion Depth Spacer 3.08 mm 27-4020-R001


Differential Carrier Shim for 93-95 RX-7's and RX-8's
Image Size Part Number
Differential Carrier Shim 5.50 MM 27-3550-R001
5.60 MM 27-3570-R001
5.65 MM 27-3580-R001
5.70 MM 27-3590-R001
5.75 MM 27-3560-R001
5.80 MM 27-3610-R001
5.85 MM 27-3620-R001
5.90 MM 27-3630-R001
5.95 MM 27-3640-R001
6.00 MM 27-3650-R001
6.05 MM 27-3660-R001
6.10 MM 27-3670-R001
6.15 MM 27-3680-R001
6.20 MM 27-3690-R001
6.25 MM 27-3710-R001
6.30 MM 27-3720-R001
6.35 MM 27-3730-R001
6.40 MM 27-3740-R001
6.50 MM 27-3750-R001


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