Short Shifters, Shifter Bushings, Boots, etc.

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Mazdatrix Short Shifters

The one-piece lever is made on an NC lathe from billet steel. They retain original shift knob threads for each year/model, (81-88=12x1.50, 89-95=10x1.25) and are supplied with new upper AND lower bushings, plus a new inner shift lever boot. Each lever comes with needed hardware and installation instructions.

The shorter throw of these Short Throw Shifters is accompolished by changing the pivot point of the lever. The distance the knob travels when shifting is shortened to 3 1/2" from the original 6".

Please! read our page on Short Shifter Rattling Noises BEFORE you purchase ANY short shifter

See further down this page for FAQ and movie links for installing the short shifters.

Year(s) Part Number 89-92 Short Shifter
93-95 No Longer Available
89-92 752-0114B
84-88 752-0126A
Dont know which transmission you have? Click Here
81-83 752-8183
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MPG Movie on Installation
(1.2meg, 27 seconds)
Click on the image on the left to view the installation movie.

Click here for a detailed FAQ on 81-95 Short Shifter Installation


Shifter Bushings
81-92, Shifter Spring.
Returns Shifter to Center
74-80, 93-95 Nylon 74-80, 93-95 Nylon Lower 17-462A-0398
93-95 Aluminum 79-80, 93-95 Aluminum Lower 02-9402-0000
79-95 (Upper) 17-481A-M508
84-95 (Lower) 17-4810-M501
89-92 (lower) 89-92 Stock Lower 17-46Y0-M510
89-95 Groove Bushing 89-95 Groove Bushing 17-5150-M501


Shifter Boots/Gaskets
79-80 Tower Gasket 79-80 Tower Gasket 17-4780-0271
79-80 Inner Boot 17-4750-8531
81-95 Inner Boot on shift lever
(Bolts to trans tower)
Comes with new gasket
Gasket for above boot 17-4740-0303
79-80 Outer Boot 56-2750-0247
81-85 Outer Boot 81-85 Outer Boot 64-4940-FA01
No Image 79-80 Middle Boot No longer available
81-85 Middle Boot 81-85 Middle Boot 64-4920-FA01
86-92 Middle Boot Kit
(3 pieces, bolts to chassis trans tunnel)
93-95 Middle Boot (3 pieces) 64-490A-FD01
Note: Shifter Cover Panels are shown at Interior: Shifter Panels
86-92 Shifter Bushing Replacement in our FAQ Section


Stock Shift Levers and Knobs
89-92 Leather Shift Knob with shift pattern 17-5200-M513-00
89-92 Urethane Shift Knob 17-5200-M514-00
93-95 OEM Shift Knob 93-95 OEM Shift Knob 17-520B-R503-00
86-88 Shift Lever 86-88 OEM Shift Lever 17-510A-M515
89-92 OEM SHIFT LEVER 89-92 OEM Shift Lever 17-5100-M522
Image Soon 93-95 OEM Shift Lever No Longer Available
Thread pitch on 86-88 is 12x1.50, Thread pitch on 89-92 is 10x1.25, Thread pitch on 93-95 is 10x1.25


Miscellaneous Transmission PARTS
Speedometer Cable Speedometer Cable 79-85 No longer available
Speedometer Cable 86-88 N/T Automatic
And 89-92 Automatic Coupe
No longer available
Speedometer Cable 86-92 All Manual
Except 89-92 Convertible
Speedometer Cable 89-92 Convertible Automatic No longer available
Speedometer Cable 89-92 Convertible Manual 60-0700-FB67
Speedometer o-ring Speedometer drive gear o-ring 17-4430-1011
speedometer gear seal Speedometer drive gear seal 60-8166-9958


Transmission Rear Seals
Image Part Number Description
All through 85 17-335A-0437 All through 85
86-92 non-turbo manual trans 17-335A-M507 86-92 non-turbo manual trans
86 to Jan 20,'89 non-turbo 17-335A-M502 86 to Jan 20,'89 non-turbo automatic
Jan 20,'89 to '92 non-turbo 17-335A-R501 Jan 20,'89 to '92 non-turbo automatic
86-92 Turbo 17-335A-M502 86-92 Turbo
93-95 Twin Turbo manual 17-335A-R501 93-95 Twin Turbo manual trans


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