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Injector Bleed Kit

We continue getting a number of cars (84-92) in our service department (and many phone calls) with leaking fuel injectors. The main symptom is flooding after the car has been sitting for a short time. It can manifest itself after running for as little as a minute or two! Basically, if you try to re-start the car anywhere from a few minutes, to an hour, it just will NOT start. The "no-start" is usually OK after sitting for a few hours or over night.

The injection systems hold residual fuel pressure for many hours after the engine is shut off, and if an injector is leaking, it will simply drip fuel in the engine until the pressure has stopped. This part we have assembled should be considered a temporary fix, or a diagnostic tool only, because it is not going to fix the root problem. However, it can get the car back on the road for a lot fewer $$ than new injectors. Plus - it is hard to find out which injector(s) are the problem - you have four!

It is installed in-line where the fuel supply and return lines attach to the engine, below and forward of the oil filter. There is a very small jet inside the "H" that allows the residual pressure to bleed back to the tank, thereby preventing the pressurized fuel dripping past an injector.

The Kit includes the fuel lines and clamps needed, plus installation instructions.

Part Number 13-MZ-BLEED

Installation Instructions


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