Throttle Position Sensors, Fuel Injection Parts

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Throttle Position Sensor
Image Application Part Number
NLA 81-85 12A (yes, they actually use one) No Longer Available
TPS 84-85 GSLSE 18-9110-N236
86-88 All 18-911A-N326
89-92 Non-turbo 18-911B-N350
89-92 Turbo 18-9110-N380
93-95 Throttle Position Sensor 93-95 Automatic No Longer Available
93-95 Manual No Longer Available


Air Bleeds
Note: Air bleeds are the little plastic diffusers that go in the hole under the injector. 84-88 non turbos use a one piece bleed, while 86-88 turbo and all 89-92 use a two piece bleed (Top & Bottom). These pieces almost always break when removed from the engine. Air bleeds are supplied with their O-rings installed.
Years Application Where Part Number Image
84-85 GSLSE ---- 13-2600-N305
86-88 Non-turbo Primary 13-2600-N305
Non-turbo Secondary 13-C600-N326
Turbo Primary Top 13-260A-N236
Turbo Primary Bottom 13-2610-N236
Turbo Secondary 13-C600-N326
89-92 Non-turbo Primary Top 13-260A-N236
All Primary Bottom 13-C61A-N350
Turbo Primary Top 13-260A-N236
All Secondary 13-C600-N351
93-95 Twin Turbo Primary 13-C610-N3A2
Twin Turbo Secondary 13-C600-N3A1
Air Bleed O-Ring- (All) (can need 0,1, or 2 per air bleed) 10-1252-9954


Injector Grommets Injector Grommets are the thick seal at the base of the injector and the dust seal at the top.
84-92 All Upper Grommet 13-2520-8574
84-88 All Lower Grommet 13-2570-N326
89-92 All Lower Grommet 13-2570-N350
93-95 Lower Grommet (secondary) 13-257A-NF01
93-95 Lower Grommet (primary) 13-2570-N3A1


The Injector O-Ring
"O" rings that go on the actual injectors. Sold individually.
84-92 All Top 13-2530-8574
93-95 Upper 13-ZG40-NF01
Lower 13-ZG30-NF01


Mazda Original Equipment Fuel Injectors
Fuel Injector Note: For higher fuel flow in an 86-87 1/2 Turbo or Non-Turbo, the 84-85 injectors may be substituted in either the primary or secondary position (Not recommended in primary). The cutoff for 87 1/2 is June 1987 and splits at VIN # ending in 550168. The SE injectors will NOT work in engines after this VIN numbers.
Year Description Part Number
GSLSE 84-85
No Longer Available
Non-turbo 86-87 1/2 No Longer Available
87 1/2-88 No Longer Available
89-92 13-2500-N350
Turbo 86-87 1/2 13-2500-N318
87 1/2-88 13-2500-N345
Twin Turbo 93-95 (Primary) 13-2500-N3A1
93-95 (Secondary) 13-2500-N3A2


Pintle Cap
Pintle Cap These are the small caps on the ends of the injectors -- they like to "disappear" while you have the injectors out of the engine. Sold individually.
84-88 13-MZTX-0001
89-92 13-MZTX-0003
93-95 Secondary 13-MZTX-0002
Note: We have still never found a source for the pintle caps for 93-95 Primary injectors.


Fuel Rail Spacer Fuel Rail Spacer / Insulator
This is simply the plastic spacer that goes under the primary fuel rail for 86-92 where it bolts to the center housing. The rail will not seal correctly to the top of the injectors without the spacer. This is another part that likes to "disappear" during engine work.


Air Flow Meters
84-85 GSLSE No Longer Available
86-88 Non-turbo 13-2100-N326
Turbo 13-2100-N318
89-92 Non-turbo No Longer Available
Turbo No Longer Available


Fuel Injector Plug Kit
Used to plug the fuel injector holes in the center iron housing when using an aftermarket intake system
Image Part Number Description
Fuel Injector Plug Kit 84-92 13B 18147
For 93-99 13b and 20b 93-99 13B
also fits 20B, but need 2 kits


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