Vacuum "Spiders", Shutter Valve, Air Control Valves, Block-off Plates

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86-88 "Vacuum Hose Spider"
Most of the 86-88 cars we have had the intake manifold off of needed most, or all, of the little vacuum hoses for the oil metering valves. On a few of them, those hoses were the entire poor idling problem. We just get all the hoses (5) and the black plastic "splitter" block, and sell them as a "kit". The turbo cars are much more prone to this problem due to the temperatures the turbo itself generates.
86-88 (non turbo) No Longer Available
Vacuum "Spider" 86-88 (Turbo) No Longer Available
If you want to make your own spider with silicone hose or whatever, this is the split block for the lines. Also, the 89-92 Turbo use this same splitter, but the lines have been discontinued. No Longer Available


Air Control Valves
Large back-fire on deceleration and/or between shifts usually means this valve is no good especially on 79 & 80 RX7's.
Also, if the car will not pass an emissions test, this is the culprit 90% of the time. If your O2 reading is less than .5% and HC and/or CO is high, this is your problem.
The table below is NOT a complete listing. If you do not see your exact one listed, or are unsure, please call as they are different depending on Manual vs. Automatic, Calif. vs Federal, etc. and VIN dependent.



Air Control Valve
Part Number Year(s) Engine Fits
No Longer Available
79-80 12A No Longer Available
13-7200-N203 81-82 12A All NOT California emissions
No Longer Available
83 12A All NOT California emissions
No Longer Available 81-83 12A All California
No Longer Available
84-85 12A No Longer Available
No Longer Available
84-85 13B All GSLSE
13-9900-N326 86-88 13B Non-Turbo Manual Trans
No Longer Available 86-88 13B Non-Turbo Automatic
No Longer Available 87-88 13B Turbo only
No Longer Available 89-92 13B Non-turbo
No Longer Available 89-92 13B Turbo Only
13-9900-N3A4 93-95 13B Automatic Only
No Longer Available 93-95 13B Manual Only
Air Control Valve Gasket
  13-724B-8871 79-80 All Inner
13-7490-8871 79-80 All Outer
13-724A-N201 81-92 NT All Non-Turbo
13-9960-N386 86-92 Turbo All Turbo
13-9960-N3A3 93-95 TT All Twin Turbo


Air Control Check Valve
Air Control Check Valve All Years, All Engines 13-7300-1480


Vaccum Hose Orifice
.5mm 13-9860-8931



Individual Block-Off Plates
Block Off Plate 74-75 Intake Manifold 16326
Block Off Plate 79-80 Intake Manifold 16321
Block Off Plate 81-92 Non Turbo Intake Manifold 16325
Block Off Plate 86-92 Turbo Intake Manifold 16328MZ
EGR Cover Plate 80 California, 86-88 Turbo and Non-Turbo EGR Cover Plate 16323
Heat Exchanger Block Off Plate 79-80 Heat Exchanger Air Inlet 16320
93-95 Air Control Valve Cover Plate 16329MZ


Intake Block-off Plate
Image Installed Description Part Number
Intake Block-off 84-92 13B Intake ALL

1/8" Thick Aluminum - Great for protecting engines for storage or shipping.


81-85 12A "Shutter Valve"
The valve is attached to the intake manifold on the engine side, at the rear, under the carb, with a medium hose going to the air filter, and a small hose going to the metal vac hose rail, and is part of the smog equipment. It is a very common problem that can drive you, or unknowing mechanics nuts. The symptom is a weird "honking" noise at idle, or as the engine is returning to idle. When they are really bad, the idle is very rough. The carb has to be removed, or at least unbolted, and lifted up a few inches, to get to it. If the shaft it hooks to is badly worn, it should also be replaced, but the manifold has to be removed to do it.
Shutter Valve Valve 13-130A-1480 We have written a
Replacing the Shutter Valve
section in our
FAQ/How-to Area
that you might want to view.
Gasket 13-139C-1480
Shaft Shaft No Longer Available
Butterfly Plate 13-1210-N201
Butterfly Screw (each) 30-3080-9983


Anti-Afterburn Hose Anti-Afterburn Valve to Intake Manifold Hose (81-85 12A)
Many customers have spent many hundreds of dollars on wrong diagnosis/unnecessary repairs at other shops because of this hose. Due to it's close proximity to the exhaust manifold, the hose tends to get soft and split. It goes from the back of the carb down to a tube sticking out of the back side of the intake manifold.
Part Number 13-7560-N201


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