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Manifold to Engine (12A)
Image/Year/Model Part Number Click on Image for Larger View
81-85 RX-7
(Also 74-5 RX2,3)
76-80 RX-3,7 13-111B-3743
Manifold to Engine (13B)
74-75 All (4-port) 13-111C-1757
76-83 All (4-port) 13-111B-3648
84-85 GSLSE 13-111A-N304
86-88 Turbo 13-111D-N318
86-92 non-turbo 13-111A-N326
89-92 Turbo 13-111A-N370
93-95 13-111C-N3A1
13B-RE Cosmo 13-111A-N390

Manifold Water "O" Rings
2 required on most rotary engines 13-1130-8527(each) Manifold Water "O"Rings
(not used on 84-92 non-turbo 6-ports)


Between Upper and Lower Manifolds (injection)
Image/Year/Application Part Number Image
84-85 GSLSE 13-114A-N304
86-88 non-turbo 13-112A-N326
86-88 Turbo 13-112A-N318
89-92 non-turbo 13-112A-N350
89-92 Turbo 13-112A-N370
93-95 13-1120-N3A1
13B-RE Cosmo 13-112A-N390


Upper Manifold to Plenum
84-85 GSLSE No Longer Available 84-85 GSLSE
86-88 non-turbo No Longer Available 86-88 non-turbo
89-92 non-turbo 13-135A-N350


93-95 Turbo to Intake Gasket
4 required, sold each


T.B to Plenum 93-95 13-6550-N3A1
TB to Plenm 13B COSMO 13-655A-NF01


86-92 O-Ring T.B. to Inlet Pipe 13-W690-N326
93-95 O-Ring T.B. to Inlet Pipe 13-W690-N390


Vacuum Thermo Valve

84-92 For Automatic Transmission
84-92 For Manual Transmission 13-980A-N304


Wax Pellet Gasket 86-88 TB & 89-92 All No Longer Available


Wax Pellet 84-92 13B All 13-W870-N326


VDI Gasket 89-92 20-1550-N3B1


6-Port Actuator to Manifold Gasket 84-92 13-171A-N225
6-Port Actuator Rod to Manifold Seal 84-92 No Longer Available


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