Rotor Bearings, Eccentric Shafts, Stationary Gears

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Rotor Bearings
Rotor Bearing (stock, All thru 92) 11-1110-1011 Click Images for Larger Views
93-95 (3mm +.005 to +.000mm Bearing Thickness)
Note: This may give less clearance than stock
93-95 (3mm -.000 to -.005mm Bearing Thickness)
Note: This may give more clearance than stock
93-95 (3mm -.005 to -.010mm Bearing Thickness)
Note: This will give more clearance than stock
Rotor Bearing (competition, All thru 2011)
(.0005" extra clearance & deep oil groove)
11-1110-4801 Click Images for Larger Views


Eccentric Shaft and Pilot Bearing
New factory eccentric shafts, are supplied with new pilot shaft bearing and seal. May be used with either automatic, (by removing pilot bearing), or manual transmission engines.
Application Part Number Image  Eccentric Shaft 
12A (74-85) Shaft No Longer Available 12A Shaft
13B (74-85) Shaft No Longer Available 13B Shaft
13B (86-92) Shaft 11-D00C-N326 13B Shaft
13B (93-95) Shaft 11-D00A-N3G1 13B Shaft
RX-8 Shaft

These shafts are .6lbs. lighter than the earlier 13B shafts. The main journal diameters are approximately one-half thou smaller, and there is a one-half thou taper in the rear main journal.
11-D00A-N3H3 RX-8 Shaft
Pilot Bearing (All) 11-D030-N326
Pilot Bearing Seal (All) 11-404A-1881


Eccentric Shaft Oil Jet
This oil jet replaces the factory checkball and spring.
These should be used in full race engines only, because the idle oil pressure is noticeably lower.
11-4110-8553 Eccentric Shaft Oil Jet


Eccentric Shaft Thermostats, Springs and Replacement Plugs
86-95 Front Eccentric Thermostat 11-D150-N326 Eccentric Thermostat
86-95 Eccentric Thermostat Spring 11-D170-N326 Eccentric Thermostat Spring
Replacement for above thermostat, if you choose to not use it 11-PLUG Thermostat Plug


OEM Stationary Gears
(all new gears have new bearings already installed)
See below for performance applications
Application Part Number Image
12A Front/Stock 10-5000-3743
12A Rear/Stock 10-550A-3743 12A Rear Stationary Gear
13B Front/Stock (All thru 92) 10-5000-3648 13B Front Stationary Gear
13B Front/Hardened (Mazdaspeed, All thru 92) 10-E00C-N370
93-95 Front 10-E0Y0-N3G1
04-11 Renesis

Does fit all 13B, hardened multi-window bearing, set screw retention. Bearing clearance must be checked/modified if using this with any RX-7 13B shaft.
10-E0YC-N3H3 Renesis Front Stationary Gear
93-11 Bearing Retaining Screw
Each main bearing uses one screw
13B Rear/Stock (All thru 92) 10-550A-3648 13B Rear Stationary Gear
13B Rear/Hardened (stock, All thru 92) 10-E10B-N370
13B Rear/Hardened (93-95) No Longer Available
04-on Renesis
(Fits all 13b, hardened multi-window, set screw- See note below *)
10-E1YC-N3H3 Renesis Rear Stationary Gear
* If using the RX8 rear gear in an earlier 13b engine, you must add sealant where the rear gear o-ring WOULD be. There is no groove to hold the o-ring because the Renesis engine mounts the o-ring in the side housing rather than on the gear. We recommend using Hylomar, but a THIN layer of silicone sealant will also suffice.


High Performance Stationary Gears
There are basically three types of performance gears available, and they are as follows:
Type I - Special machining for strength and endurance and heat treating of the gear teeth, stock bearing.
Type I, grooved - Special machining for strength and endurance and heat treating of the gear teeth, race 3-window bearing.
Type II - Special machining for strength and endurance and heat treating of the gear teeth, race 3-window bearing, plus gas nitriding and screw locks on the bearings. Also, Type II are machined to accept the 93-11 large front thrust bearings.
12a Front Type I 10010
12a Rear Type I Discontinued
12a Rear Type I, Grooved 3-window 10012
13b 79-92 Front Type I 10013
13b 79-92 Rear Type I, Grooved 3-window 10015
13b 79-95 Front Type II 10016
13b 79-95 Rear Type II 10017


(Main Bearing) Stationary Gear Bearing
Stock, Front or Rear, All thru 92 10-502B-0820 Stock Main Bearing
Main Bearings For 93-95 Twin Turbo
Part Number Color Code Bearing Thickness
10-E040-NF01 Yellow 1.980mm = .07795"
10-E050-NF01 Green 1.983mm = .07807"
10-E060-NF01 Brown 1.986mm = .07819"
10-E070-NF01 Black 1.989mm = .07831"
10-E080-NF01 Blue 1.992mm = .07846"
10-E220-NF01 Yellow 1.988mm = .07827"
10-E230-NF01 Green 1.991mm = .07839"
10-E240-NF01 Brown 1.994mm = .07850"
10-E250-NF01 Black 1.997mm = .07862"
10-E260-NF01 Blue 2.000mm = .07874"
Thickest is .07874" (least clearance) minus thinest of .07795" = .00079 TOTAL range --- This is LESS than ONE thou !
If you want a "loose" race clearance, run the E040- for a "tight" street motor, run the E260.
If you want a specific bearing that isn't an active link above, please call. We can get any of them, no problem.
93-On Main Bearing
3-Window Race Bearing (rear, All thru 92) 11114 3-Window Main Bearing


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