EGR, BPAV, Air Control Valves, & Emission Solenoids

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EGR Valves

(Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

When these are bad, they usually give a vacuum leak which results in a rough idle. We have not done any of the '80's for a while, but are doing a lot of the '86-88 non-turbo's. These are buried under the intake manifolding - so we always check them if we are down there for any reason. Here in California, the car can not pass the smog test if the valve is not working.


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valves
EGR Valves
(Generic image)
Part Number Year(s) Fits
No Longer Available 1980 California Only
No Longer Available 86-88 Non-turbo 13B
No Longer Available 86-88 Turbo
20-3000-N3A1 93-95 Twin Turbo (49 state)
93-95 California Only EGR No Longer Available 93-95 California only (w/sensor)
Gaskets for above EGR Valves
EGR Gasket Non-Turbo 80-88 All non-turbo 80-88 20-305A-N326
EGR Gasket Turbo 86-88 Turbo 86-88 20-3050-N3Y4
EGR Gasket 93-95 All 93-95 20-305A-N3A1


BPAV Valves

(By-Pass Air Valve)
BPAV Valve
(Generic image)
Application Part Number
84-85 GSLSE No Longer Available
86-88 Non-turbo 20-6600-N326
86-88 Turbo 20-6600-N332
89-92 Non-Turbo No Longer Available
89-92 Turbo No Longer Available
Image Soon Solenoid
This controls the valve with vacuum. It is the typical culprit to a non-functional BPAV on a GSLSE
No Longer Available
Gaskets for above BPAV Valves
Image Application Part Number
BPAV Gasket 84-85 GSL-SE 84-85 GSLSE 13-7210-N386
BPAV Gasket 86-88 All 86-88 All 20-661A-N326
BPAV Gasket 89-92 All 89-92 All 20-6610-N3B1
BPAV 93-95 93-95 20-6610-N3A1


Purge Valve
All 79-92 RX7 Purge Valve 20-950A-1480
93-95 PCV Valve
All 93-95 PCV Valve 13-8900-N3A1


Air Control Valve
Large back-fire on deceleration and/or between shifts usually means this valve is "no good" especially on 79 & 80 RX7's.
Also, if the car will not pass an emissions test, this is the culprit 90% of the time. If your O2 reading is less than .5% and HC and/or CO is high, this is your problem.


Air Control Valve

(93-95 Manual Only)

Part Number Year(s) Engine Fits
No Longer Available
79-80 12A No Longer Available
13-7200-N203 81-82 All NOT California emissions
No Longer Available
83 All NOT California emissions
No Longer Available
81-83 All California
No Longer Available
84-85 No Longer Available
No Longer Available
84-85 13B All GSLSE
13-9900-N326 86-88 Non-Turbo Manual Trans
No Longer Available 86-88 Non-Turbo Automatic
No Longer Available 87-88 Turbo only
No Longer Available 89-92 Non-turbo
No Longer Available 89-92 Turbo Only
13-9900-N3A4 93-95 Automatic Only
No Longer Available 93-95 Manual Only
Air Control Valve Gasket
13-724A-N201 81-92 NT All Non-Turbo
13-9960-N386 86-92 Turbo All Turbo
13-9960-N3A3 93-95 TT All Twin Turbo


Air Control Check Valve
Air Control Check Valve All Years, All Engines 13-7300-1480



Individual Block-Off Plates
Block Off Plate 74-75 Intake Manifold 16326
Block Off Plate 79-80 Intake Manifold 16321
Block Off Plate 81-92 Non Turbo Intake Manifold 16325
Block Off Plate 86-92 Turbo Intake Manifold 16328MZ
EGR Cover Plate 80 California, 86-88 Turbo and Non-Turbo EGR Cover Plate 16323
Heat Exchanger Block Off Plate 79-80 Heat Exchanger Air Inlet 16320
93-95 Air Control Valve Cover Plate 16329MZ


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Turbo Control on ACV (not listed above) 18-7410-N3A1 Turbo Control Solenoid on ACV
Purge Valve Solenoid 18-741A-F285 Purge Valve Solenoid
93-95 Duty Solenoid (Wastegate & Pre Control) 20-2850-N3A1 Duty Solenoid (Wastegate & Pre Control)


Vacuum Line Valves
93-95 RX7All Metal 13-8900-NF01
When looking at the various valves below, it is important to look at the color of the ends only. The center body color is not important or consistent.
All RX7 Green/White Check Valve 13-9950-HE41
All RX7 Green/Black
Note shape difference from below
Aarow on body points to green end
Delay Valve Green/Black
Note shape difference from above
Aarow on body points to black end
93-95 RX7 in Boost Sensor Line
Maybe other places as well


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