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Kaaz LSD 1.5 Way* (Road Racing)
KAAZ LSD 84-92 N/A** DBZ1810
84-92 N/A WPC*** COATED DBZ1810-WPC
87-88 TURBO SBZ1310
89-92 TURBO SBZ1315
93-99 SBZ1310
93-99 WPC SBZ1310-WPC

*The 1.5 Way LSD (shown above) is ideal for road racing because under deceleration the diff does not lock up as aggressively, allowing for more control and traction going into turns. The 2 Way LSD (shown below) is ideal for drifting because under deceleration the diff does lock up, allowing for better control when sliding. Kaaz diffs are known for their consistancy and quality. Kaaz LSDs are considered to be far superior to stock LSDs and are widely used in racing and drifting circuits.

Driving styles differ greatly. This is a general definition; there are certainly instances where these definitions will cross over.

**Note- If you have an 89-92 RX7, please let us know if your original diff was open or Limited Slip.

***WPC is a coating applied to the LSD to allow for less noise when turning. If you will be using this LSD in a street car and would prefer not be noticed every time you turn, it is recommended that you get WPC coating. However, if you do not mind a loud "banging" noise when turning, WPC coating is not needed.

Kaaz LSD 2 Way* (Drifting)
KAAZ LSD 84-92 N/A** DBZ1810-2
84-92 N/A WPC*** COATED DBZ1810-WPC-2
87-88 TURBO SBZ1310-2
89-92 TURBO SBZ1315-2
93-99 SBZ1310-2
93-99 WPC*** COATED SBZ1310-WPC-2


Kaaz Gear Oil
Kaaz recommends using ONLY their gear oil in their LSDs. Using synthetic oil will destroy your diff.
Part Number (per 2.0 Liters) GL-5-80W-90


Turbo Diff Stub Shafts
87 Turbo LSD
No Longer Available
Click image for better view
87-88 Turbo LSD
89-92 Turbo Left Viscous (Short) No Longer Available
89-92 Turbo Right Viscous (Long) No Longer Available


Torque Sensing Limited Slip ("Torsen LSD")
TORSEN 84-92 Non-turbo* MZTX-TORSEN1
These very unique torque sensing differential limited slip units are now available for 84 and later RX-7's. They really are the absolute best design for rear traction under ALL different conditions. It is able to transmit far more torque to the wheel that still has traction than any other type of differential. It uses the friction of the worm gear teeth and the thrust washers for the differential limiting force. In comparison with viscous type, or friction type LSD, it has the following benefits:
1) Large bias ratio torque proportioning
2) Less change of bias ratio over time of car use
3) No special differential oil or LSD additives needed
4) Improved overall traction and improved controllability under acceleration.
5) Virtually no change of torque sensing or traction control through differential temperature range.
*Note- if you have an 86-92 Non-Turbo rear end we KNOW that 86-88 N/A stub axles will work. We also KNOW that 89-92 LSD stub axles will NOT work. If you have 89-92 Non-LSD stub axles, we do NOT know that htey will work with this diff. Some measuring will be necessary.


81-88 Limited Slip Differential Rebuild Clutch Parts:
Cone Spring
(2 needed)
Non-Turbo 27-2590-M020 Cone Spring
Turbo Not Used
LSD Disc w/inside pins Non-Turbo
(Uses 4)
27-2560-M020 Inside Pin Disc
(Uses 4)
LSD Disc w/outside pins Non-Turbo
(Uses 4)
27-2580-M020 Outside Pin Disc
(Uses 6-outer)
No Longer Available
(Uses 2-inner)
Thrust Washer Non-Turbo
(Uses 2)
27-2520-M020 Image Soon
Turbo No Longer Available Use HP Washer below  
Use the high performance parts below for stronger lockup. Interchange these thicker parts
to create a thicker stack, which will have a higher clamping force.
LSD Disc w/inside pins +.1mm
(Uses 4)
Non-Turbo 27-2570-M020
Turbo 27-2570-P020
Oversized Thrust Washer (Two Needed - High Performance) Non-Turbo
+ .2mm
Turbo + .2mm 27-2540-P020


Stock (OEM) Limited-Slip Units (71-92)
Limited Slip Unit 84-85 12A and 13B No Longer Available
86-88 Non-turbo GXL No Longer Available
86-92 Turbo No Longer Available


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