Differential Mounts, Diff Stub Shafts, LSD Additive & Gear Oil

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Differential Mounts
Front (86-92 All) 28-9800-FC01
(1 per car)
Front Differential Mount
Front (86-92 All)
(Competition - does not have weight/block on front, and rubber is stiffer)
(1 per car)
Competition Front Diff Mount
Rear (86-92 All) 28-890C-FB01
(2 needed per car)
86-92 Rear Competition
40% stiffer rubber, looks identical
(2 needed per car)
86-92 Rear Diff Mount Stopper Washer
Competition - 40% Stiffer than stock
(2 needed per car)
93-95 Complete with bushings (1 per car) 39-730A-FD01
93-95 Bushing Only
2 needed per car
28-890A-FD01 Competition Bushing
93-95 Competition Bushing
2 needed per car


CV Joint Boot Kit
86-92 N/A Outer 22-530A-M030
86-92 N/A Inner 22-540A-M030
86-92 Turbo Outer 22-530B-M040
86-92 Turbo Inner 22-540A-M040
93-95 Outer 22-530B-M040
93-95 Inner 22-5400-MA10


Turbo Diff Stub Shafts
87 Turbo (-608385) No Longer Available
87-88 Turbo (608385+) 27-270B-P019
89-92 Turbo Left (Short) No Longer Available
89-92 Turbo Right (Long) No Longer Available


N/A Diff Stub Shafts
86-88 LSD or Open 27-270C-M055
89-92 LSD Right No Longer Available
89-92 LSD Left No Longer Available
89-92 Open Diff 27-270C-M055


Stub Axle C-Clip
93-95 & RX8 27-421A-P017
86-92 Turbo No Longer Available
All Non-Turbo 86-92 25-4210-G003


Limited Slip Additive


If you get a "chatter" from the rear axle when starting from a stop, and turning at the same time, you need to add this additive to your rear end oil. This is due to the clutches in the diff. locking and un-locking. The Limited Slip Additive assists with the applying and releasing of the clutch plates. One container/part number needed per rear end oil change.


Kaaz Gear Oil
Kaaz recommends using ONLY their gear oil in their LSDs. Using synthetic oil will destroy your diff.
Part Number (per 2.0 Liters) GL-5-80W-90


Neo Synthetic Gear Oil Synthetic Transmission and Differential Oil
We have had very good results using NEO synthetic 75-90 in the transmission and differentials in our service department.
Part Number (per quart) ...... NEO-GEAR


Idemitsu Racing Gear Oil
(GL-5 rated)
Quart IDE-75W-90 12qt Case IDE-75W-90-CS


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