Used Parts, Overstock/"Specials", Cars

Please - We are not a wrecking yard! However, we do "accumulate" cars through purchase, lein-sales, etc. , and therefore do have a limited number of specific parts available.

We do not sell used engines due to probable warranty problems - meaning we can not guarantee something of this type we do not know the history of, and therefore will not sell.

All of the used parts we have are obviously not listed, so if you think we might have it, give us a call.

Typical used parts we do not sell mail-order are:
Fenders, hoods, rear hatch lids (too expensive to ship by truck)
Seats - impossible to be sure of quality expected
Small interior parts - too time consuming to remove
Many small electrical parts - too vague of descriptions / locations, and removal time
Mufflers - better to buy new ones

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