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Anti Sway Bars
Racing Beat-designed sway bars reduce chassis roll during cornering and increases your car’s sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise heat-treating processes are combined to produce top performance components. All Racing Beat sway bars are finished with a distinctive, red powder coating that provides a smooth, glossy protective layer. You can be assured of many years of superior handling performance with these proven bars!

The diameter of the front tubular bar is 1.25” (32mm) x .1875” wall thickness, as compared to the stock 1.05” (27mm) x .134” wall thickness front bar. An additional feature of the front bar is a pair of OEM style "stoppers" to prevent the bar from sliding sideways in the bar bushings during heavy cornering effort. Each bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings, bar clamps, Prothane grease and installation instructions.
During test sessions using our Racelogic VBox GPS data acquisition system, we recorded noticeable handling improvements after the installation of the Racing Beat sway bar set.

Using the stock wheel/tire/ combination on our 2004 RX-8, we measured the following cornering forces:
Stock Bars: .86-.87g
RB Bars: .89-.90
Racing Beat Front Bar 14108
Racing Beat Rear Bar 14109

Adjustable Bar Links

These sway bar end links are direct replacements for the stock RX-8 end links. The Racing Beat sway bar end link set is fully adjustable and can be used on both standard height and lowered vehicles. The ball-joint style link end is housed in a CNC-machined aluminum housing, offering silent, smooth operation combined with excellent durability and performance. Can be easily installed using only simple hand tools and comes complete with securing hardware and mounting instructions. Sold as a front or rear pair.
04-11 RX8 with stock or aftermarket front sway bar Front w/10mm Studs
Rear w/10mm Studs
Front w/12mm Studs 14203
(Requires drilling)

Non-Adjustable Front Bar Endlink Upgrade Kit

The addition of a larger aftermarket sway bar can increase the stress loads on the original OEM sway bar endlinks. In addition, we have seen the OEM endlinks loosen and become disconnected.
Incorporated into the design of these links are larger 12mm mounting studs and matching retaining nuts. The sealed bearing is self lubricating and should offer many miles of maintenance free driving.
Due to the larger diameter studs provided on these endlinks, both the sway bar ends and the mounting holes on the chassis must be enlarged to accept the mounting studs. Provided in the endlink kit is the appropriate sized drill bit and a drilling guide to accomplish this task. Also included are detailed instructions complete with drilling suggestions and torque specifications. Although the use of the RB Endlink Kit requires minor modifications, the rather cheap “insurance” offered by the installation of this kit is well worth the modest installation effort.
Fits all RX8, with stock or aftermarket front bar 14201 Replacement Front Bar Endlink

Brand Part number Drop F/R Image
Eibach 5544.140 1.2" F & R
Eibach Springs
Racing Beat Front 14026 Each 1/2" F & R(12.7mm) Racing Beat Springs
Rear 14027 Each
F&R Set 14084 1/2" F & R(12.7mm)
Megan Racing MR-LS-MRX8 1.75" F, 1.5" R
Mazdaspeed 34-01Z0-QSEA 04-08 Only 3/4" F & R
Mazdaspeed Springs


OEM Rear Suspension Parts
Rear Toe Control Link 28-45XC-F151 Rear Toe Control Link
Rear Toe Control Link Cam Bolt 28-66Z0-FE01 Image Soon
Rear Toe Control Cam Washer 28-4730-KD35
Rear Toe Control Cam Nut 41-2160-9YB0
Rear Lateral Link Cam Bolt 28-66Z0-F151
Rear Lateral Link Cam Washer 28-4730-F151
Rear Lateral Link Cam Nut 41-406A-9YB0


OEM Front Suspension Parts
Front Lower Control Arm Front Cam Bolt 28-66Z0-F151
Front Lower Control Arm Rear Cam Bolt 34-66Z0-F151
Front Lower Control Arm Cam Nut (F or R) 41-406A-9YB0
Front Lower Control Arm Front Cam Washer 28-4730-F151
Front Lower Control Arm Rear Cam Washer 34-4730-F151


Megan Racing Rear Suspension Parts
Rear Toe Control Links (pair) MEG-6721 Image Soon
Rear Camber Links (pair) MEG-6719 Image Soon
Rear Lateral Links (pair) MEG-6723 Image Soon
Rear Traction Arms (pair) MEG-6720 Image Soon
Rear Trailing Arms (pair) MEG-6722 Image Soon


RX8 Front Upper Control Arm Bushings
Delrin and Stainless Bushings, Front Upper Control Arm. Kit does both L&R arms. Drop Engineering
Part #
Installation Information


Energy Suspension Urethane Bushings
Front Control Arms H-113107
Rear Lateral and Trailing Links H-113108


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