RX-8 Engines

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Mazda Rebuilds

For the most part, when a customer needs an engine for their RX8, the best solution is for us to sell him a Mazda Factory OEM rebuilt engine. These engines are sold on an exchange basis and there is a $1000 core charge. Some customers choose to keep their old engine and pay the core charge but most simply send their old engine here for exchange. You can pay the $1000 plus the cost of the engine and shipping, have us send you the new engine and then send your core back to us for a $1000 refund, or you can send your core in advance and never pay the $1000. Your choice.

These engines are built to very high standards and Mazda warrants them for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. We have sold a lot of these engines and have been very happy with the quality. You will need to provide us with the VIN number and mileage.

04-08 6-Port w/Manual Trans 02-200R-N3H3-V0
04-06 4-Port w/Automatic Trans 02-200R-N3H2-V0
06-08 6-Port w/Automatic Trans No Longer Available
09-11 6-Port w/Manual trans 02-200R-N3Y4-V0
09-11 6-Port w/Automatic Trans 02-200R-N3Y3-V0



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